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a term used by rednecks in the dirty south when talking with a smaller/younger boy then themselves. in most cases to make the smaller person to feel good despite their small size. sometimes used to critize the person's size depending on the context it used in
"its alright big son, you will get your chance."

"hey big son, get in the truck, lets go get some beer"
by castiglia January 02, 2008
Like many others in the past, a word/name used, usually by the African American race, to get anybodys attention. Like many other words or phrases started by the black people, such as "Homie", "Dawg", "Fo schizzal, my nizzle", the term "big son" will eventually start being used by all races....especially the caucasian/white people.
"Hey! You! Big son! Hand me that glue right quick."
by Shandaler January 26, 2006

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