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Big Ron Coleman, the five time Mr. Olympia. Commonly known as Big Ronnie.
Big Ron just won the Mr. Olympia title for the fifth year, will anyone ever beat him?
by nickv April 26, 2005
Sound bloke, top guy
He's a right big ron that guy.
by DJ Tron July 16, 2003
First done by the football (Soccer in the US) commentator "Big Ron" Atkinson (Hence the name), this is the strange phenomenon where a person can talk the biggest load of bullshit ever, yet it makes perfect sense under the circumstances
well done franco, you've just done a "big ron" again
by Johnny B March 14, 2004
An ironic and unflattering referal to the tiny size of a specified males penis
I bet he's got a right Big Ron
by Anonymous July 18, 2003

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