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bieng a staight up beast who is great in the sack and beatin down bitch ass mufuckers
hey im bob but you can call me big nasty

omg lets fuck
by kjasflkdsjalk July 17, 2009
27 12
A large woman who doesn't bathe, has a uniroll, and has a yeast infection from the crack of her ass up through her vigina following upward to and around her uniroll. That is the big nasty.
I don't think anyone would want an example.
by Thomas November 03, 2003
80 40
Any mixture of various foul alcoholic beverages and/or liquors which is more revolting than the sum of the individual components.
After losing the bet, I had to chug a Big Nasty.
by glenn hayes September 30, 2003
42 23
Big Nasty is a badass motherfucker who spits game at every female and whips out his piece at any given moment . A Big Nasty can sometime be mistaken for a Big Chocolate Nasty in which The Big Nasty can Transform Into .
Guy 1 - Damn I wish I could spit game
Guy 2 - You my man need to meet The Big Nasty
by BadAss M'Fucker October 14, 2012
8 3
having intense and loud sexual intercourse.. getting sweaty and just down right flithy...
The hubby and I just got done doing the Big Nasty.... :D
by blls April 20, 2011
7 4
A crazy ass guy in albany kentucky, Who doe's a lot of insane nasty shit.
Door salesmen: Hello, We came to sale you a bunch of shit today.
Big nasty:Wanna see me open a beer bottle with my asshole?
Salesmen: Umm, excuse me sir?
Big nasty: |drops pant|
Salesmen: Umm, We can see your not interested, have a good day.
by The ugly bastard January 24, 2014
2 0
Beach ball sized droopy titties
Pat: "Why does yo sister keep trippin?'"
Dirty D: "Because she has big nasties. You want to sqeeuze 'em?"
Pat: "Roll those bitches up"
by PBZ October 30, 2007
5 4