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the man, (RIP)
big mike was the man.. aka ... big nutzzzz aka mister B. RIP
by the mighty mighty S.A.C April 01, 2004
Usually a tall guy, can be fat, who loves to talk continously and most of the time is a basketball player. He is not always the best player, however, his size creates a balance with his overall skill. There are exceptions. I know of only four "Big Mike's", therefore I am basing my opinion around what I know of them. Only one of them uses something other then size to take the lead in a basketball game
Big Mike is a big guy
by Anonymous April 09, 2005
To go double digit negative in a Halo 3 match in multiple games in a row.
Shit, he just pulled a Big Mike in those last few sniper games.
by NotB1gmike September 02, 2010
n.A male of asshole(ish) nature; lacks common sense.
v. "to pull a Bigmike": to cheat on the girl you date for 2 months with
adj. "to act like Bigmike"
"Wow, this guy is the hugest Bigmike I've ever heard of, what a prick."
by anonymous friend of a friend July 07, 2004
gay moderator at xtrememass.com, site about steroid abuse visited by many crackheads.
"i like to suck on Big Mikes cock"

"werd guys, i addes some 1337 wicked tunes to teh g33k caterogy w00t"
-Big Mike
by pitzo July 05, 2004
A guy who takes forever to pass the doobie to the left hand side.
Goddam, that guys gone and toked all the reefer. He's a complete funking big mike.
by francis jefferson logan March 07, 2004
aka whitecheal aka whiteboy...nba sim comish...the guy who makes watching beavis and butthead/wildboyz twice as funny
irock camero is sweet
by AnDY June 27, 2004