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The definition of original g. Big Henny dont take shit from any tricks and they always put the money in his hand. He has a 40 glock in one hand and a pint of syrup in the other. He rolls in an all white escalade with white interior. Has the whip on 30s too. Bitches always try to hold down big henny but thats not his style, hes a strait up pimp. He kind of resembles Suge Knight. His main phrase is " Big Henny in the buildin bitchj I'm illin". Once you hear that the parties either started if your his homie or your bout to get murked if your not.
Big Henny: cheaa cheaa im in da building bitch im illin.

Homie : yeahh my mane big henny got the dro, the goose and the bitches. this shits gettin started now.

Guy who owes him money : Shit im out!
by bonnyandclyde94 August 27, 2011

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