Pretty much government since the Cold War has begun. Yet, contrary to democrat/liberal belief George Bush isn't the only one who has done wiretapping because other notable Democrat presidents that have illegally wiretapped are Jimmey Carter and Bill Clinton.
Guy 1: Hey, Vincent Foster was totally killed by Big Brother.
Guy 2: Ya, Clinton sure wanted to screw that dude up but Bush is letting me get full cavity searched at the airport.
by Phillip Kaltenbach June 21, 2006
A Body or Character, that exsists in the book 1984, who is said to be watching every citizen at any given moment in the state of oceanina, in order to keep to control of the governmental Party, it makes sure no-ones doing anything rather naughty, however this dystopian Character is pretty cool idea, Dutch People decided to take a massive shit on Mr orwell, and name a show after it, and fill the "big brother" house, full of social degenrates, Who either sit around, do fuck all, make a mess, or masturbate with strange looking objects, a great way to inprove the sellabillty of the show would be to scatter many weapons about the house, last man standing eats. the show being quite ironic as it being, because it destracts viewers from atcully thinking, being what the real concept of big brother was trying to do.
Me-"did you hear"
Me-"Orwell didn't die of TB,He Atcully shot himself in the head when he heard about the show big brother"
You-"he died in 1946"
Me-"oh........well he had a time machine"
by Andrew Ricardo May 23, 2006
Your older, (and often irritating) male sibling
"Hey look, it's my big brother Joe."
by Samantha1357 April 20, 2006
The world's foremost televised human zoo which commonly features a number of disturbed and/or disturbing people.

Captive subjects are dehumanised through a number of degrading and humiliating tasks until they reach an animal-like state.

Inmates have been known to adopt animal-like behaviour patterns as they aggressively confront other inmates and reach a high level of sexual activity.

The television audience is able to release their chosen inmate on a weekly basis through a public vote.

'Dude, why is that guy rolling around on the floor of this shop and barking at the customers?'

'He was on Big Brother.'
by Ewan Short August 18, 2006
a reality tv shows which orginated from the netherlands but became quite a popular show in the UK.
it comes on channel 4 and the evicitons are presented by davina mcall. big brother has spwaned other mini shows which are about big brother
eg. big brothers little brother and big brothers big mouth

its a show which has a number of people living in a house,and one by one, those people are evitced by the public.

many chavs watch this show but also other classes of people do watch it.
mostly contains strong language and sometimes conversation or scenes of a sexual nature
guy 1: hey did you watch big brother last night?
guy2: no damn!
guy1: dude! anthony banged makosi in the pool
guy2: ah shite
by ps7 August 15, 2005
1. Typically with lower-case initials, one's older sibling of the male sex.

2. Figurehead of the totalitarian government of the superstate of Oceania in George Orwell's final and most famous novel, 1984. Not an "actual" person in the world of the novel, rather a generic middle-aged male face staring out of countless posters, telescreens and so on. The accompanying legend reminds anyone present, "Big Brother is Watching You." Projects an image of the government as omnipresent, omniscient, and allegedly benign. Shortened to an affectionate "B.B." in the novel in colloquial speech, and in the daily ritual of the Two Minute Hate.

3. Figurative description of intrusive government or bureaucracy.

4. At least one television series of the genre known as "reality TV", in which an assorted group of people are obliged for a time to live together in a house being watched through cameras that broadcast their lives together to the watching public. Such a series is typically held as a competition where the public or a smaller group may vote a member out of the house at regular intervals, with a reasonably large cash prize awaiting the resident who stays longest.
Fred is Jeremy's big brother.

(Final line of novel): He loved Big Brother.

Big Brother is watching us again, so get your tax forms in on time.

I hope that harridan Jemima is voted out of the season of Big Brother as soon as possible.
by Fearman October 31, 2007
Free poor quality porn after 9pm
9.26pm, and Mary is masturbating in the bathroom.
by Sam Bence June 10, 2005

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