big boys are an 80 mg oxycontin. they pale in comparison to the oldschool 160's, but just get 2 and clean your spoon an it'll be allright!!!!
"what do you mean you want $60 for one of those big boys, I got em from you last week $45!!!!
by skunk379 May 23, 2006
a slang term for a brick of heroin which consists of five ten bag bundles.
Yo, my boy in the Red Acura has a big boy for $250!
by sin city bags July 07, 2009
Philly term used to describe 80 mg oxycontin.
"Yo cuz i need 3 of those Big Boy's."
by C-Bona September 11, 2008
A redneck truck accessory hung under the back of the truck that looks like a very large human scrotum. nutsack

Bigboys are hung to let people know the truck and/or driver is masculine. It is all the rage, and they can be seen on lorries and bigrigs, as well as tanks in Iraq. Mel Tilleson sports chromed bigboys on his CXT.

Bigboys are larger than bumper nuts and are seen in different colors and materials that are chosen for further meaning. See truck nuts.
"Those bigboys sure aint pingpong balls, that driver must be the real thing."
by jrBman August 26, 2006
A jolly fat boy with amazing hair. He is always wearing red and white checkered overalls, and holds a double-decker burger. He is the mascot for Big Boy restaurants. The two most common chains of Big Boy Restaurants are Bob's Big Boy in the West, Frisch’s Big Boy in the Midwest. Each restaurant has a fiberglass statue of Big Boy welcoming hungry visitors.
There's only one place to get a Big Boy Combo; and it's at a Big Boy Restaurant!
by imahobgoblin March 06, 2011
a noun used to describe a bisexual male, specifically one capable of taking a very large dick.
person: man, andrew is such a buttslut.
other person: yeah, he's a real bigboy.
by annaayyy June 14, 2008
A huge, disgusting, Shrek-like animal known for inhabiting kitchens and Duffy's. Characteristics include: nonsensical speech, putrid stench, shit stains on pants, intoxication by noon. Loses food (burgers in aprons) easily
That big boy really knows how to make a cat house...
by Syd (just a little snap) August 17, 2016
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