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the ultimate achievement in most of the metal gear solid game cept 3 since big boss wasn't around yet. usually requires beating the game on the hardest difficulty and not getting any alerts, any kills, using none or a limited amount of healing items and other crazy shit like that.
oh shit son, he got a big boss emblem, fuckers amazing at mgs!
by ryuuken July 05, 2008
Achievements or awards presented to gamers who complete rank-styled videogames with unprecedented speed and skill. Coined from the big boss emblem presented to players who complete Metal Gear Solid games in a limited amount of time with 0 kills, deaths, rations used, alerts, less then 10 bars of health drained, and so on.
player 1: "So are there any Big Boss Emblems (B.B Emblems) in this game???"

Player 2: "It's Devil May Cry, of course there are Big Boss Emblems!"
by AspiringMangaka June 15, 2010
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