it refers to the buttocks of a person and how large it may be. depending on the tone of the person saying it, it usally means a compliment from a man to a woman and an inslut from a woman to man or woman.
"dam son that chick got a big booty!"
a man refering to another man about a woman's buttocks. (comliment)
"Look girl at Lora's big booty. It disgusting."
a woman refering to another woman about a woman's buttocks.
by darc xtasy August 17, 2003
a big ass, not necessarily fat.
j-lo has a big booty
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
yo check out that big booty son!
by shammy August 19, 2003
One big ass.
Yo mama has a big booty.
by Booty Master 7 August 21, 2003
Havin' a large pair of buttocks
Damn that Maurie Povich has big booty! - John Stamos
by Deus_ExPimp August 19, 2003
a well-endowded rear.. duh..
every one knows that a big booty is a well-endowed rear.
by gina August 19, 2003
a women with a large butt
damn that girl got a big booty ( jlo )
by L Lady August 18, 2003

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