It is the pimp yellow bird from sesame street.
It can also be mainly be described as any kind of mutlipurpose helicopters. Though they may be big the big birds have no chance of taking on a little bird helicopter.
I flew my big bird yesterday and I almost died from the helicopter fight but I survived cuz my big bird is tough
by Boobsky November 01, 2006
A character in classic Chinese fantasy series "Sun dew hup luey", that saves the main character, Yern Guall after he loses his arm.
The part where Big Bird throws the sword down the river for Yern Guall to find is my favorite part.
by Jiang Si Si Fu November 11, 2006
Big Bird is a slang term for the grocery store Giant Eagle
Yo man, I'm gonna go get some beer and waffles at big bird want anyting while I am there?
by duck March 28, 2005
A large Caucasian female with an unusually large, malformed behind. Tends to wear yellow clothing and mumble incoherently. See also Skank Biscuit
Hey Big Bird come here and fix this server.
by Chad April 09, 2003
A gay hermaphodrite.
by aaa October 24, 2003
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