a raging homosexual whose that was killed by the seseame street possea and has a hooker mom
damn whay are you looking at that guy you must be BIGBIRD
by cHeLo NsL March 10, 2003
The sexual act of eating a dozen eggs (either cooked or raw), then vomiting the rubbery yellow mess onto your partner's chest.

Similar to a Cosby Sweater, in that both cause your partner to resemble beloved childhood icons.
"Hey Diana, can you pick up some eggs on the way home from work? I'm in the mood for a Big Bird."
by Phronk August 03, 2009
tweety bird when he took viagra.
tweety bird + viagra = big bird
by i like dinosaurs June 02, 2007
To sexually destroy another in an act of coital hate - preferably from the rear.
If you don't shut the fuck up I will big bird your ass...lover.
by Sir Ellington Floppy-ears June 18, 2007
When you inject a bicycle pump into an uncercumsized penis and pump it up till it is a size similar of a softball.Can work with a cercumsized dick but ussually done with an uncercumsized one.
Female:"What the fuck are you doing?"
Male:"Making a Big Bird."
Male:"Aything for your pleasure my dear."
by Andrew Sanchez February 01, 2008
Any female with very large mammary glands, tits, breasts, boobies, hooters or whatever you want to call them.
Man 1:Holy **** man look at the size of that girls tits!!!
by Shadowstalke January 31, 2008
a large white female who has a huge nose
hey look guys it is Natalie ...BIG BIRD
by brick city nigga's May 01, 2003

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