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Big Beaver is the actual name of a road (sometimes called "16 Mile") in Detroit, Michigan. The ironic part is that along I-75, the road is Exit 69.
Dude, you're gonna miss the exit onto Big Beaver! How can you forget it's number 69?
by Denis Baldwin June 30, 2004
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big beaver is a town in beaver county pa... it is pretty much quite its out in the country alot of small farms and more beaver then any were esle in this side of the state... no really there a new strip club (there was a rub and tub but it got busted) a adult book store with live girls, and last a swingers club all with in a .25 miles... the name fits well..
you going to that new titty bar out in big beaver tonite?
by the big beav October 13, 2009
Since "beaver" is a term, commonly used to refer to a woman's vagina, this refers to a woman that has a "big" beaver.
She was such a tall girl, she must have a big beaver as well.
by Panchoman Jr. November 03, 2006
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