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Short for borderline intellectual functioning. 1. a bif is not a "downie" but then again not smart either. 2. below average intelligence. 3. George W Bush. 4. politicians in gerneral. Often refers to individuals that wear tacky metal alloys in thier teeth.
Jay-Z just spent $100,000 dollors on a new grill yesterday, fucking BIF is wasting his money!
by nathan haley January 21, 2007
7 13
BIF is an acronym for Butt-In-Front. It refers to the large fat pouch people, particularly women, have on the front side.
Check out the BIF on that whale...
by Steve October 29, 2002
21 27
boyfriend. from 'bf' and developed into the pronouncable word 'bif'

"i'm going to go call my bif now"
"my bif and i are going out tonight"
by britneyjk October 03, 2006
9 17
Short for Butt In Front. Similar to a gunt. Can be used for male or female
She had such a big BIF, I was able to fuck it. I love that.
by Copie Boy December 03, 2002
15 23
B.I.F is a graffiti crew in Sweden, known from the hiphop group "Looptroop", which apparently has members in it.
"You think I wrote B.I.F on Mac D without a reason" -Cos.m.i.c/Looptroop/Long arm of the Law

"Cosmic stayed home but BIF crew stay tight" -Looptroop/Ambush in the night

"but the story you tell do the letters i spell
s.h.i.t with the b.i.f c.r.e.w
love graffiti til death" -Looptroop/Illegal Commercials
by sir her November 21, 2006
15 24
acronym for Bi Female
I'm a bif looking for a guy or a girl :)
by Dan June 17, 2006
13 22
A synonym of the word gash.
She has got a large bif.
by Nikki Blonde June 18, 2008
0 10