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To contain two different, possibly contradicting, emotions at the same time.
Similar to Ambivalence, but not necessarily towards a person or object.
She was crying because he broke up with her, but at the same time felt happy about life. She's biemotional.
by naytev July 26, 2009
A person who has an emotional and romantic attraction to and has romantic relationships with both sexes. This term does not imply a certain sexual orientation.

Note: This term is in contrast to the term bisexual, which in its dictionary definition implies merely a sexual attraction to both sexes, with no regard to emotional attachment whatsoever. A person could, for example, be heterosexual and sexually attracted to only the opposite sex but biemotional and emotionally attracted to both sexes, and thus will be able to date either sex but can only have a relationship that is also on the sexual level with someone of the opposite sex. They would most likely only date people of the opposite sex, in order to have a relationship that is both emotionally and sexually fulfilling.
Bill: Hey Kat, is it true you date both guys and girls?
Kat: Yeah, not only am I bisexual, I'm also biemotional, so it's pretty easy for me to date either gender.
by Megini March 01, 2009
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