A medical condition AKA Downs Syndrome
guy1 . Hey look at that loser ... must have Bieber Fever
by Bgbboy May 11, 2011
Beiber fever: A rare disease in which the testicles of a male of 13 or older have not descended yet. In result of the lack of testosterone, the male may develop a girlish, high pitched voice, a douchey hair cut, and an even douchier hair flip to accompany it. In a worst case scenario, the male is diagnosed with a very serve case of pussietis (causes uncontrollable acts of being a pussy). Bieber Fever is a very serious thing and should not go untreated. If you or someone you know has Bieber fever, please contact Dr. Dre at 1-800-chronic.
yeah, he must have bieber fever
by bmancommando February 24, 2011
The demonic trance that the Immortal One (Justin Bieber) puts young girls into while he steals their souls, which he feeds on to sustain himself.
Did you catch the Bieber Fever at the concert last night?
Yeah, but now I feel so empty inside.
by Dr. Jacob Cornelius January 30, 2011
Noun- The morbid obsession with Justin Bieber. Sometimes asociated with masturbatal deaths and Kim Kardashian's enormous horse penuscis(aprox. 24' long).
My doctor said I had one of the most advanced cases of Bieber Fever since Nam.
by Pedophiles United May 09, 2010
A pandemic sickness that infects the weak and unprepared who are easily satisfied by seven-year-olds singing. The probability of infection depends on the carrier and the exposure victims. It feeds on people's minds and souls, and its path of destruction is powered by attention, whether it be good or bad.
Symptoms include sudden interest in a certain brownish-haired seven-year-old looking boy and other people often commenting on how stupid you are. You may also want to check for posters in your room featuring the aforementioned child. It is best if you do not contract this disease, or else you will not have the sanity to treat it, and no one else can help you. If you have a friend who is infected by this, we're sorry.
Methods of prevention of Bieber Fever can include listening to real music, instead of a small child attempting to sing. To prevent this disease from spreading too far, mentioning of the child known as Justin Bieber should be kept to a minimum so as to keep people from giving him attention.
Person A: Omgomg, I have Bieber Fever, omg, Justin is soooo hot!
Person B: Omg me too! What about you, C?
Person C: ......NO.
by LALALALA...lol? February 14, 2011
A very deadly virus that have been diagnosed recently, it is claimed that when a person is infected with the virus (especially a teenage girl, excluding a full grown mature woman), their intelligence and thinking capability will immediately be dropped to 50 IQ or below. Some even rated to be 10 or below.
Infected 1: OMG, HIS SOO CUTE!!!

Infected 2: I KNOW, WOW!!!

Infected 1: <REPEAT>

Infected 2: <REPEAT>

An example of Bieber Fever, the infected is unable to think properly, except their love towards Justin, and is now mentally retarded.
by U MAD? July 15, 2012
1. A female, or Homosexual Male, who is obsessed with Justin Bieber.

2. A Colloquial term for Dysentery.
John: Dude, I was Playing Organ trail today and died of Bieber Fever.

Jeff: How do you die of Bieber Fever?

John: People die from Dysentery all the time.
by NOPEMAN December 28, 2011
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