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"Bieber Fever" a.k.a. "Ear Cancer." Is a type of cancer, thay you can recieve while listening to many Justin Bieber songs. It is very deadly, it can cause death in less than 3 days. It is the most deadliest cancer known to man, however, there is a cure. The cure is to listen to REAL music, like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, e.t.c.
Dumbshit Bieber Fan: lolz i haz beiber fevah!

3 days later....

R.I.P. Dumbshit Bieber Fan
Cause of death: Bieber Fever.
by Yourmother33 April 01, 2011
The disease that consumes the brains of young females, and makes them literally go insane. To be around a large group of these infected girls one mention of the name "Justin Bieber" will cause chaos and you would probably be trampled to death. These delusional tweens also believe that they will marry Justin Bieber, news flash that is not going to happen.
There is no known cure to "Bieber Fever" most likely it will be the next actress/singer to be queefed out of the murder machine that is disney.
Rabid fangirl: OmFG I <3 JuSTiN BiebR!1!!1! I'M gOinG tO MarrY HIm!!!1!!
Me: you are just an idiot with Bieber Fever, you will not marry Justin Bieber, you will most likely end up as an obese housewife with too many kids.
Rabid fangirl: *hysterical sobbing*

Rabid fangirl: Omfg Selena Gomez is dating Justin Bieber, I swear I'll kill her because she's a pedo slutbag with no life Gawd what a whore.
Me: you know it's people like you who make me look foward to dying alone.
by forever a nerd January 18, 2011
An obsession with Justin Bieber so extreme that it's to the point where you are rioting at his concerts and trolling classic rock videos on YouTube. You probably still have bruises from the rubber bullets.
Example 1
Riot Cop 1: Are the fire hoses in place just in case?
Riot Cop 2: Yes sir, the Bieber fever always gets out of hand.
Riot Cop 1: Good. I hate these damn concerts.

Example 2
JustnBeberFan4EVER: aerosmth sux cuz they old they gonna die out!!! justn beiber is gona liv on 4 ever!!!!! yayy!!!
Delta07: Please, go to Google and type in "define: literacy".
by Kurt051 February 16, 2011
Noun- The morbid obsession with Justin Bieber. Sometimes asociated with masturbatal deaths and Kim Kardashian's enormous horse penuscis(aprox. 24' long).
My doctor said I had one of the most advanced cases of Bieber Fever since Nam.
by Pedophiles United May 09, 2010
a disease that is caused by listening and progressively becoming obsessed to Justin Bieber and his music. 1 in 4 children worldwide die from this every 15 seconds. if you or anyone you know start getting symptoms (starting to think justin's music is good and think the lyrics are smart) contact the nearest doctor immedeatly.

by departmentofmysteries September 10, 2011
Beiber fever: A rare disease in which the testicles of a male of 13 or older have not descended yet. In result of the lack of testosterone, the male may develop a girlish, high pitched voice, a douchey hair cut, and an even douchier hair flip to accompany it. In a worst case scenario, the male is diagnosed with a very serve case of pussietis (causes uncontrollable acts of being a pussy). Bieber Fever is a very serious thing and should not go untreated. If you or someone you know has Bieber fever, please contact Dr. Dre at 1-800-chronic.
yeah, he must have bieber fever
by bmancommando February 24, 2011
Bieber Fever is a really contagious and dangerous disease found most commonly in girls aged 8-14 and some gay guys. Most people develop immunisation at first contact.

Bieber Fever is caused by listening to Justin Bieber's music. Until he is terminated, Bieber Fever will continue spreading around the world.

Bieber Fever can cause sever brain damage- They believe Justin Bieber is a boy even though SHE is obviously a girl. They also call themselves "Beliebers" even though it has been scientifically proven that beliebing is impossible. There have even been cases of heart attack at the sight of Justin Bieber.

This disease can range from mild to deadly. Unfortunately, the only cure available so far is to smash all CDs, burn all posters and stop all access to Disney channel and YouTube. Experts around the world are currently researching how to end this madness. (Madness? This is Sparta!)
If you have a friend, family member or loved one who has been inflicted with Bieber Fever, please kindly punch or slap them in the face and tell them to move to another planet.
by Teh_Pseudonym January 19, 2011