Bieber Fever is a deadly disease that is caused by the overjoy and love of Justin Bieber. The outbreak of Bieber Fever hit harder and spread faster than Swine Flu.

What usually happens, is that they get so charmed by his lesbian hair and hip music, they forget he actually controls them with his dark powers. He gets them drooling like Golden Retrievers, and then they pee their pants.

Bieber Fever can happen to anyone from ages 3 to 97, but typically happens to single moms, substitute teachers, and prepubescent girls.

Once they're infected, they are insane. The only way to cure Bieber Fever is chopping off the victim's head with a meat cleaver.
Feel my forehead. Do I feel hot to you? Oh man I hope it's not.... Bieber Fever.
by deathbyblowdryerxx June 28, 2010
Any sickness that causes loss of pubic hair or testosterone
Alopecia is another word for Bieber Fever
by Elwood Auditore May 06, 2010

a. Synonym for deafness and/or mental handicap.
b. A disease which causes retardation in girls and borderline homosexuality in boys. No known cure as of yet.

Guy: Hey what's wrong with that girl, why's she listening to Justin Beaver?
Guy 2: I think she's got Bieber fever
Guy: HAHA, what a retard, probably never heard REAL music in her life.


Mom: Is he okay? What's happening?
Doctor: Maam, I'm afraid we've had to put down your son... I'm sorry, there was nothing we could do, he had a real bad case of Bieber fever. We had to kill him, it was for his own good.
Mom: Oh... Well, I guess it's for the best.
Doctor: Damn right it's for the best, only fags and retard like that little chipmunk.
by tata12 November 16, 2010
The obsession of Justin Bieber.
Sarah: "Omg I am going to marry Justin Bieber."

Matthew: "Oh no Sarah's been hit with Bieber fever."
by Guitarkid916 March 29, 2010
Really horrible, god awful diarrhea. Named for the quality of Justin Bieber's music, which is equally painful.
"Oh man.. I was in the toilet ALL NIGHT, had some serious Bieber Fever. Never want to endure that again."
by UMJP September 20, 2011
"Bieber Fever" a.k.a. "Ear Cancer." Is a type of cancer, thay you can recieve while listening to many Justin Bieber songs. It is very deadly, it can cause death in less than 3 days. It is the most deadliest cancer known to man, however, there is a cure. The cure is to listen to REAL music, like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, e.t.c.
Dumbshit Bieber Fan: lolz i haz beiber fevah!

3 days later....

R.I.P. Dumbshit Bieber Fan
Cause of death: Bieber Fever.
by Yourmother33 April 01, 2011
A nation wide ailment affecting today's youth, created by disney channel and other terrible musicians like Usher, Ludacris and Kanye.
Ugly ass chick: O my god, justin bieber is so hawt!
Friend: No, you are just plagued with bieber fever.
by michelle obamaa November 16, 2010

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