An epidemic currently sweeping the nation. Common in pre-teen and teenage girls, Bieber Fever is a condition involving obsession with the rising pop star, Justin Bieber.

Common symptoms include; obsessive conversation, obsessive poster hanging, as well as obsessive stalking. Peer pressure causes many to succumb to Bieber Fever, and thirteen year old girls are at the highest risk for this condition.

If your daughter or son displays any interest in this baby-faced good guy, please do your part to stop this unfortunate epidemic, based on the infatuation of our youth.
Susan: My daughter Jenny looks dazed all the time, and she cannot stop listening to "Baby".

Cheryl: Same with my Destiny, she keeps speaking to all of these Justin Bieber posters in her room.

Susan: Its time for intervention, looks like our girls have BIEBER FEVER!!!!!
by lmnop16 April 23, 2010
A horrifying disease that's like swine flu only much more deadly and infinitely gayer.
#1:Dude, I think I have Bieber fever.
#2: Oh shit, get away from me!
#1: I can't get his songs out of my head, MAKE IT STOP!
by Metalover95 April 13, 2010
A disease that's more dangerous than AIDS and sadder than kitten cancer
Guy 1: My girlfriend has bieber fever
Guy2: Be sure to wear a condom, catch that and its game over
by dizzle2309 July 22, 2010
The term Bieber fever applies mainly to prepubescent girls with a few exceptions. Most people that actually have bieber fever are either:
1. Deaf
2. Possesing an IQ below room temperature
3. Pedophiles
4. Knowing nothing about music
5. Under the age of 10

Few people know the cause of Bieber Fever, but it generally causes any girl years younger than him to love him and anyone with a tiny bit of manliness or sense of music having a strong hatred towards the girl they call Justin. Usually this would cause someone to go to jail and eventually get shanked multiple times, but Bieber is a celebrity and is known to attract miles of fools that can actually listen to his sqeaky xbox live-esque voice. After concerts, the crowds are generally worse than riots, and the Local Swat teams have to hold back the now savage fans.
Dumbass Girl: Woo! I have Bieber Fever!

Person with complexity above a fruit fly: He makes horrible music, how can you like him?

Dumbass Girl: STFU! He's very talented

Person: *Sigh* (Procedes to daydream about Bieber getting cudgelled)
by Jag140 July 08, 2011
Bieber Fever is a deadly disease that is caused by the overjoy and love of Justin Bieber. The outbreak of Bieber Fever hit harder and spread faster than Swine Flu.

What usually happens, is that they get so charmed by his lesbian hair and hip music, they forget he actually controls them with his dark powers. He gets them drooling like Golden Retrievers, and then they pee their pants.

Bieber Fever can happen to anyone from ages 3 to 97, but typically happens to single moms, substitute teachers, and prepubescent girls.

Once they're infected, they are insane. The only way to cure Bieber Fever is chopping off the victim's head with a meat cleaver.
Feel my forehead. Do I feel hot to you? Oh man I hope it's not.... Bieber Fever.
by deathbyblowdryerxx June 28, 2010
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