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a. Synonym for deafness and/or mental handicap.
b. A disease which causes retardation in girls and borderline homosexuality in boys. No known cure as of yet.

Guy: Hey what's wrong with that girl, why's she listening to Justin Beaver?
Guy 2: I think she's got Bieber fever
Guy: HAHA, what a retard, probably never heard REAL music in her life.


Mom: Is he okay? What's happening?
Doctor: Maam, I'm afraid we've had to put down your son... I'm sorry, there was nothing we could do, he had a real bad case of Bieber fever. We had to kill him, it was for his own good.
Mom: Oh... Well, I guess it's for the best.
Doctor: Damn right it's for the best, only fags and retard like that little chipmunk.
by tata12 November 16, 2010
A particularly virulent strain of super AIDS discovered in the late 2000s. Etiologically speaking, it is thought to be transmitted by the vacuous, semen receptacle and proud walking advertisement for abortion that is Canada's own trainwreck, Justin Bieber. Symptoms include:

- In men, the loss of external genitalia, and displays of extreme faggotry are the first signs of the onset of this disease. This is accompanied by trying to dress like the tool (saggy pants that make it look like you just shit yourself anyone?), and using words like "Swag" like a retarded sheep.
- Hemorrhaging of the ears
- Explosive diarrhea
- Projectile vomiting
- Crysturbating in a dark room to Justin Bieber posters and blowup dolls that you shamelessly hide from your parents
- Atrophy of higher cortical structures in the brain. Global signs of dementia and profound mental regression are extremely common in later stages. Critical-thinking faculties are the first thing to go, followed by grammatical processing, spelling, and response inhibition. The loss of response inhibition manifests as Tourette's-like outbursts against anyone who has enough brains to dislike the turd, usually to this other person's amusement. Eventually, the patient's cognitive faculties are all but lost, rendering them zombies.

Other symptoms include everyone who hasn't caught it finding you insufferably obnoxious and wanting nothing to do with you anymore.
There is no known cure for Bieber Fever that results in the patient surviving. The only known way to cure Bieber Fever completely is with a bullet to the head.
by Dr. Snark, PhD December 01, 2013
Recipe for Bieber Fever
1. Get a 10 of teenage boys to cum onto a kitten
2. Have someone's mother fart on it
3. You then shave the kitten's back
4. Have each of the teenagers shove trimmings into their anus for a week

5. Remove the trimmings and place into a bowl
6. A random person is picked (by rolling a dice or picking sticks), who then has to cut off his foreskin and then eat everything
Someone: How come you were at the hospital last week?
You: Came down with Bieber Fever.
Someone: Nasty...
by JBiebszer November 12, 2011
A medical condition AKA Downs Syndrome
guy1 . Hey look at that loser ... must have Bieber Fever
by Bgbboy May 11, 2011
A deadly disease that has ruined the world and caused many teenage girls to enjoy the horrible singing of Justin Bieber and his wanna be skater look. Those that suffer from this disease must be removed from the gene pool so that the rest of the world does not become infected.
Why do teenage girls have Bieber Fever? They are in love with a gay teen that hates the United States and will never hit puberty.
by The Sackman February 21, 2011
The demonic trance that the Immortal One (Justin Bieber) puts young girls into while he steals their souls, which he feeds on to sustain himself.
Did you catch the Bieber Fever at the concert last night?
Yeah, but now I feel so empty inside.
by Dr. Jacob Cornelius January 30, 2011
A pandemic sickness that infects the weak and unprepared who are easily satisfied by seven-year-olds singing. The probability of infection depends on the carrier and the exposure victims. It feeds on people's minds and souls, and its path of destruction is powered by attention, whether it be good or bad.
Symptoms include sudden interest in a certain brownish-haired seven-year-old looking boy and other people often commenting on how stupid you are. You may also want to check for posters in your room featuring the aforementioned child. It is best if you do not contract this disease, or else you will not have the sanity to treat it, and no one else can help you. If you have a friend who is infected by this, we're sorry.
Methods of prevention of Bieber Fever can include listening to real music, instead of a small child attempting to sing. To prevent this disease from spreading too far, mentioning of the child known as Justin Bieber should be kept to a minimum so as to keep people from giving him attention.
Person A: Omgomg, I have Bieber Fever, omg, Justin is soooo hot!
Person B: Omg me too! What about you, C?
Person C: ......NO.
by LALALALA...lol? February 14, 2011
The new inflammatory epidemic that attacks the cardiac area

Cause: Being obsessed and/or infatuated with Justin Bieber
Symptoms: Watching Justin Bieber's music videos on Youtube incessantly,listening to Bieber excessively, and having your room plastered in Justin Bieber posters are a few of the symptoms
Demographics: Adolescent girls are at greatest risk, although the disease is very fast spreading and infectious
Cure: Listening to some classical or classic rock music is one very permanent cure, but the body and brain may reject it.
13 year old watching television "It's the new Justin Bieber song! (SCREAM) I have to get it! I love you Justin!
Brother: (pukes)

Doctor to girl's mother "Well, your son is completely fine, the problem is your daughter. She is in the later stages of bieber fever
Mom: (cries)
by bibliophiliamaniac June 07, 2011