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Diagnoses: Bieber fever
Symptoms: obsessive thoughts of Justin Bieber, stroke, heart attack, and seizure possibilities if meeting him, crying hysterically, screaming at a shrieking tone, fainting, and falling in love. Falling in love is most likely permanent and irreversible.

If you have heart conditions or medical issues, you should consult with your doctor before watching him on TV, looking at a picture of him, or meeting him in person. It is most common in young girls.

So far this fever is incurable.
20,000 girls show up to Justin Bieber's concert screaming at the top of their lungs and FREAKING OUT. They've got Bieber Fever.
by JustinBieberislife April 16, 2010
329 92
A very deadly virus that have been diagnosed recently, it is claimed that when a person is infected with the virus (especially a teenage girl, excluding a full grown mature woman), their intelligence and thinking capability will immediately be dropped to 50 IQ or below. Some even rated to be 10 or below.
Infected 1: OMG, HIS SOO CUTE!!!

Infected 2: I KNOW, WOW!!!

Infected 1: <REPEAT>

Infected 2: <REPEAT>

An example of Bieber Fever, the infected is unable to think properly, except their love towards Justin, and is now mentally retarded.
by U MAD? July 15, 2012
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1. A female, or Homosexual Male, who is obsessed with Justin Bieber.

2. A Colloquial term for Dysentery.
John: Dude, I was Playing Organ trail today and died of Bieber Fever.

Jeff: How do you die of Bieber Fever?

John: People die from Dysentery all the time.
by NOPEMAN December 28, 2011
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When Justin Bieber rapes you in the middle of the night with acid lube.
My ass hurts SO bad!" "Why what happend?" "I caught a bad case of Bieber Fever last night.
by DJ Spasmodic October 15, 2010
21 18
To have bieber-fever is to be a huge fan of Justin Beiber. You must hav e atleast 50 posters of him hanging on your bedroom walls. Kiss those posters constantly. Wear t-shirts with his face on them. Change your last name on facebook to Bieber. Have one of his songs as a ringtone. And Know all the words to all his songs.
bf: hey babe do you have bieber-fever?

gf: well my name is Barbie Bieber
bf 1: thats it! if your going to go around pretending to marry other men then we're done!
gf: ok. (thought: yes!)
by htak hsan July 15, 2010
7 4
2.)I have to explain no more?
World"LIFE IS A SIN~!"
by Namegamename April 25, 2011
6 4
Being extremely over-obsessed 16 year old who hasn't hit puberty yet, to the point where you have posters, notebooks, shirts and other things with his face on it. You need to realize that he has no talent, you just think he's 'hot'.
Uhhh everything you own has that Beaver kid on it.

I hate to say this, but I think you have Bieber Fever xP
by saddlseatlover March 05, 2011
6 4
A horrible and highly contagious flesh eating virus contracted during sexual intercourse
-Dude, your girlfriend's skin is on fire
-No, she's just got some Bieber Fever.
by Your name can't be blank bitch February 09, 2011
7 5