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A humorous mispronunciation of the word "business", meant satirically to suggest criminal intent.
"I just wanna get together and talk a little...bidness, you know?" said Tony Soprano, glancing shrewdly at Luigi.
by balbulican July 14, 2004
29 293

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illegitimate business.
"Get the fuck outta my bidniss."
by ilovepie March 26, 2008
328 22
The better way to say business. The way it should be pronounced.
Check out my bidniss card.
by Eduardo Vasquez June 24, 2004
15 294
1. Criminal Activity
2. Sexual Activity
3. A man's bladder
1. Jimmy's gonna be here in a few minutes with my... bidniss...

2. John and Clara wheren't alone for more than 2 minutes before they started getting down to 'bidniss'.

3. Phil keeps grabbin his cock, I think he needs to take care of bidniss.
by Anti January 19, 2005
8 290