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a girl that wants to be part of the scene, but is still tied to being preppy.
usually copies the milder scene girl's style in an effort to be cool, but misses the mark completely.
biddy scene girls will pretend to be into the hxc scene of music, by only listing off the popular bands they overheard on their last shopping trip downtown.
they often show up at local shows to support 'friends' and check out the hot guys they think are interested
*at a show*
scene guy: 'look at those preppy chicks. what are they doing here?'
scene guy 2: 'stupid biddies'

*trying to describe someone's style*
gothgirl: 'she kind of dresses punky'
scene girl: 'no, she's just a biddy scene. check out the preppy brands'
by ellerealz February 21, 2008
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