A nipple or breast, supple in nature.
Please remove your hand from by biddie!
by cacka April 15, 2009
A woman of greater years
Usually used with the word old

Old Biddie
by UnShavenMonkey March 16, 2005
A word originating in Norton, MA. A small town in Massachusetts know for its weed. We created this word. Do not say you made it up.
The word biddie came from Norton?
by norton,ma November 05, 2010
A slutty young women. Usually one who is physically atractive. Usually used when describing lots of girls.
Matt and all the biddies.
by Tunneler August 24, 2005
Prepped out, shopoholic chicks who travel in packs of other prepped out shopohilics

usually found in rich white private school catholic colleges
See that group of girls walkin out of the bathroom together? They B.C. biddies.
by The Trisha April 24, 2006
A hot girl who shops all the time and loves guys and alcohal
That biddie sure is hott, mabey i should ask her out.
by completely_yours September 01, 2005
dumb ass bitch who sometimes sluts around
sluts at winnacunnet are big ass biddies
by Craig Gadna June 02, 2006

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