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comon foul language used among puertoricans.
the literal meaning in english would be "cock is"
pronounced: 'bee-cho ez'

spanish people use this pertaining to their feelings of disbelieve or deception..
Dude! my teacher wasn't wearing panties!!!
BICHO ES! *gasp*

Dude..i think my dog is dying
*sigh* bicho es,dude
by savoneo March 18, 2008
4 2
Puertorican slang for the male sexual organ.
That guy just pulled out his bicho and pee behind that tree.
by Carlos April 13, 2005
304 132
Refers to the male Organ.
Also refers to anpresumptious person
Me Pica el Bicho

Que Tipo mas Bicho
by Javier. April 26, 2003
171 111
for puerto ricans it means dick
you "why did my wife of 10 years just leave me all of the sudden?"
me "is cus i pulled out ma fat puerto rican bicho, sorry."
by EL GRANDE BICHO September 09, 2006
157 112
Spanish slang, mostly used in Central America, to denote a young male or female.
That bicho sold us some poisoned mangos.. let's go kick the crap out of him!
by Jorge February 19, 2004
163 120
a small organism such as a bug, snake, etc. It can also mean to the "penis" in some countries.
Es un bicho, pisalo!
Its a bug, step on it!
by Roque April 29, 2004
113 84
A bug, spider, insect, creepy crawly thing, etc..
Kill the bicho!

There's a bicho behind you.
by e26 May 06, 2011
24 12
An insect or/and an animal.
Kill those bichos flying in the kitchen.
My hands are full with the grocery and a bicho in it's leash.
by Robert Dali July 10, 2008
43 36