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A light honey colored rum produced by bicardi that is 75.5 percent alcohol, or 151 proof. In the clearest cut way possible, this shit will fuck you up. When the warning label is the same font as the title on the bottle, you know your night will be either amazing, or short. I have found that when mixed with Malibu coconut it is an awesome drink that can be sipped all night and not completely fuck you to the point of "Dude, Where is my car" or "the hangover" status.
To start off, have it at 3 parts malibu, 1 part bicardi 151. As the night goes on you can drop back to a 1:1 ratio like I did. The guys that drink one or two shots of this shit straight to seem like badasses and then go back to beer right after are just jackasses. I did 6 shots straight after sipping on my drink all night. It is quite possible to drink half a handle of this by yourself if you are good.
#bicardi #malibu #drinking #shitfaced #wasted
by Tuatha De Danaan August 12, 2009
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