to tell someone to stop an action or to relax because its inappropriate or false
yo C, i had sex with 16 females over the weekend. Wes can you bic it.
by littledickens April 27, 2008
Top Definition
To shave ones head. Sometimes done with a cheap bic razor
hey dude, looks like your going bald. you better bic it.
by Will Witmer March 11, 2006
"BIC IT" is an expression used for shaving your hair.

(BIC makes disposable razors.)
person 1: "my parents said i need to cut my hair... i dunno what to do with it tho"
person 2: "Just BIC it"
person 1: "Wtf? Bic it? WTF!"
Person 2: "Ya, BIC IT... it'll be c0re"
person 1: "WTF does 'BIC IT' mean??"
person 2: "to shave your head, right down, using a razorblade. Like BIC... geeze, don't you check URBANDICTIONARY.COM?? you should expand your vocabulary man"
person 1: "You're a cunt"
person 2: "I know"
by Ekim April 28, 2004
Shaving one's head with a razor, as opposed to doing so with electric clippers.
When my battery powered clippers run out of juice I just go ahead and Bic-it for that extra clean look.
by ron_99 January 12, 2010
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