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One who, to an outsider, it seems owns too many books.

"They crowd the shelves two or three deep, sideways or stacked any way they'll fit; they pile on tables waiting to be read, re-read, or simply kept forever. It's gotten to the point where they've started to multiply when you're not watching -- there's definitely more today than yesterday. And it'll keep on like this, until there's nothing at all left but books, books, and more books. How glorious.

Others don't understand, but you -- you breathe the stuff. You inhale paper and exhale ink; you live between pages, and your habitat is the written word. For you are a bibliophibian. "
-from the tshirt description on topatoco
My wife has enough books to fill the bed of my truck. I hate moving with a bibliophibian!
by 6141465 April 07, 2010
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