For a male who has a curved penis it is the act of taking two bibles (one in each hand) and slamming them on your penis to straighten it out. Named for the resultant thump that is heard when slamming.
"After years of masturbating my penis leans to the left."
"Go bible thumping, that'll straighten it right out."
by p8ntballa00 September 12, 2010
Top Definition
Verb: the act of relentlessly promoting Christian religious ideas in atempt to convince people to turn towards Christainity as their religoin.
"You now Frank, with Jesus on your side you will surelly conquer your drug addiction," said Joe.

"Will you quit your bible thumping!" roared Frank.
by Eddy 5000 July 22, 2006
A fundamentalist christian.

See also:
Bush Jesus Freak
My bible-thumping neighbors go to church every day and say "jesus" twice every 10 seconds
by Young Trubz August 18, 2005
Getting off on listening to someone read the Bible.
Oh man, last week at Dan's I was totally Bible Thumping during the Book of Job.
by dkujan May 03, 2007

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