Someone of the Christian religion who acts like a wacko and 80% of the time they are hypocrites. They shove their beliefs down your throat and are very judge mental.
Person: Don't go near that her, she's a bible thumper. She attacked me because I watch AHS and listen to Rise Against.

by yoyiggity June 21, 2014
Biblethumpers are religious zealots that pillory others who progress beyond obsolescent morality. The thumping signifies limitation of literacy to only one book, a 2,000-year-old primer which they interminably struggle to read.

Bible Thumpers tend to reduce all discussions to biblical citations while ignoring contemporary science. They are also usually reactionary or conservative toward social change. For example, they are often virulently opposed to birth control, abortion, gay marriage, women's rights, and evolution.

zealot sheep fanatic biblethumper
The Bible Thumper, brainwashed by corporate media into single-issue tunnel vision, plans to defend fetuses by assassinating a pro-choice physician.
by LAlawMedMBA October 21, 2014
Bible Thumper (noun) (1)used to describe an individual who believes in the absolute word for word truth of the bible to the absolute exclusion of all other philosophical, spiritual, esoteric and religious belief systems. (2)Person who has been irretrievably brainwashed into believing that the bible is true in every word despite considerable evidence that it is based on the Sumerian Tablets and Vedas but altered heavily so it appears 'godly' and 'creationy'. Refuses to acknowledge that the bible was considerably altered by Emperor Constantine and the Council of Niscea around 500AD.
Bible Thumpers (plural) Term laterally applied to all extreme right wing christian groups who use the bible as a basis upon which to justify extreme acts of hate or violence (Westboro Baptist Church comes under this heading)
Fred) the bible is totally true every word!!
Joe) Bible-Thumper.....
by GlycerineOxide May 31, 2014
Person who uses the Bible to attack other via Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

Typically, this person has no life of their own and they try to live out their lives by perceiving their god-given right to tell everyone else how they can improve their lives, while completely ignoring or being ignorant of their own place in their own self-created universe (typically of self-isolation and lack of committment). This person is notoriously unreliable and ready to attack anyone that does not agree with them on level (not just via the bible thump).
The bible thumper bigot used their Bible verse of the book of Morons 3: 1-167, 172, 178 to explain that they are never wrong.
by FacebookBibleThumpingHater January 28, 2014
Annoying people who attempt to shove their religion down your throat when you're clearly interested in more important matters..
My friend Brad tried to go all Bible Thumper on me to get me to go to a sermon at 4 AM!
by Carl Juniors' son January 23, 2014
Delusional kingdom minded Jesus freaks. Nuts that lay hands on you,speak gibberish,say in the name of God and bam seriously believe they have healed you from anything from illness to trauma. Also known as a Bible Nazi. They also try to persuade you into believing Obama is a demon,that the end of the world is coming very soon and you can use the Holy Spirit to guide you to where you need to be if separated by your friends because they are delusional . Seriously mental patients who believe watching regular TV will rot your brain.
If that bible thumper lays a finger on me again I will rip them inside out by their asshole.
by Fake it till ya make it May 29, 2015
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