A book which contains a lot of nonsenses and incoherent ideas with no back-up information at all. It' s also the biggest mind-manipulating tool ever.
Reading a Bible is a waste of time.
by SoullessDeath January 09, 2010
live and die by the bible for salvation and avoid going to hell
by TiTyRon November 10, 2009
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Sam: I just became a Christian; what do I need to do now?
Max: You need to go get your basic instructions before leaving earth.
Sam: What?
Max: Your Bible!
Sam: Ooooh! I see.
by The Stinky Cheese Girl November 02, 2009
A highly popular fictitious literary work, almost as popular as the Twilight series.
Priest to congregants: We've noticed that this new Twilight book is turning out to be more popular than the Bible we've been teaching, so we've decided to teach Twilight instead.
Congregants: Fuck yeah!
by lifeinhd April 07, 2009
Better ass cleaning source than toilet paper or baby wipes.
Wow the bible completely cleared up the aftermath of my beer shits.
by Marty Chonks April 04, 2006
A great story book that Bible is. This great book of bullshit is used by controllers of the mass idiots and read to frightened people in 'Houses of God' on Sundays.
Atheist #1 - Wowee, the Bible sure does suck.
Atheist #2 - Yeah, let's go celebrate freedom from indoctrination!

p.s. How can it be a 'House of God' if God doesn't exist?
by Fredulom November 19, 2005
The most ingenious marketing ploy ever to have existed
Over 1 billion users can't be wrong!
by bbbbbbb June 18, 2005
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