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A propagandic book full of contradictory views on everything there is to do with life. It is the unfair standard to which the ignorant try to uphold.
There are more books to the bible in the vatican, but the Pope hasn't released them, that sycophant!
by Ashley October 14, 2004
A book written by a bunch of hippies, about 2000 years ago, who were smoking some serious hash at the time. Never actually figured for their text to be taken seriously.
"Hey, Josh, dude, let's put some shit in their about a guy, right?"

"Yeah, rad man, and he can be like... uh, tossed overboard into the, uh, like ocean, right?"

"Cool, and then, like... a giant fish, just like, comes up and swallows him, man."

"AWWWWH, far out man!"

"And he could then, like, chill in the fish for a few days, before it like... spits him back out, you know?"

"Chilled man."

"What should we call this book, yo?"

"How about, like, something that sounds like Babel."

"Yeah, like the town."

"Only, bib... Bibe.... oh, The Bible!"

"Holy shit man!"
by Degree7 July 09, 2009
to look something up in the bible instead of using google.
A:"Im not sure if it's okay to kill the waitress for ignoring me past the last 45 mins..."
B:"Just bible it."


A:"What would jebus
by yakmann August 19, 2010
head character:GOD
A book saying That Earth was created in 7 days,while the other 'mayority' of universe was created in one day...with moon as not part of it
Than there was a man,god took half of a rib to create a woman,they ate an apple(not mac,fruit) and was gone to earth(guess they were at heaven)
It says that that happens 5000 year ago,when universe was created?
Then people were arguing about it and declaring wars,THE BIG HOLY REASON of spanish inquistion,more wars(usually about followers of it and followers of other fairytales),even more wars,and when something terrible happens followers just say:GODS WILL...so we didnt evolve,we revolve...Nice book
ALSO followers are called christians(a big world wide cult),cuz of a man jesus CHRIST who wanted to be nice,and was hooked on a cross,but they had to redo it by saying he became alive again,and was holy,and not just a good man...
also look church,a big business who make people give them money cuz of that book,with their leader pope
by uptheirons July 25, 2009
The best-selling Fiction book ever
I read the bible yesterday. It was a great story
by reddragon2410 October 05, 2008
Bible- Literally means "book". (A 'bibliophile' would therefore be one who loves books, and not just someone who loves "The bible")
"The Bible" of course would mean "THE book", which claims to be the authoritative source of what the entity called "god" wants/has planned/has done.

Creator of great lulz on sites like www.urbandictionary.com and www.godhatesamerica.com .

Completely irrelevant to people who know the Troof, although worth a read if you have some time to kill and love stories full of plot holes and contradictions.

"Yes, it's completely true that the bible was written by god. She did it for the lulz."
by Felix Faustus Nothus August 30, 2007
An ancient text that holds religious significance to the Christian faith. In short, it outlines the Creationist theory the universe (establishing the existence of a higher power, known as God), explains the reason for many worldly realities through divine justification, speaks of Heaven (a place of peace and perfection), and elaborates on the life and significance of a man known in The Bible as the son of God, (Jesus). Christians also believe that evil people who do not claim Christ as their savior descend into Hell, a place of eternal suffering for the atonement of sins. The Bible and its content face controversy. Divine intervention cannot be proved. There is controversy over the Creationist theory (new-earth Christians have a timeline inconsistent with scientific age of the Earth). The fossil record and the record of the bible differ, etcetera. Both all controversies centered around the bible hold significance, and each side believes it is correct. Christians have the reputation of being pious and arrogant, and this is not true of all, but is a stereotype of what many Christians in the community of faith call "bad christianity.” Stereotypes exist around the other side of the issue, but they are not going to be addressed here because of definition length. To be transparent, I adhere to the Christian faith system. I do not disagree with most arguments from the other side of this issue. I simply believe in a higher power. I do not want this to sway my definition.
The Bible is an ancient religious text that has found heated controversy on Urban Dictionary.