Def: the truth and guidelines the way a person should live.
Those of you who hate the bible don't understand it. God doesn't hate the people who hate him . He loves them and hopes they repent,but if they don't where does he send them? Sin is not allowed in heaven, so to his regets they have to go to Hell.It's not God's fault though the man and the woman ate the apple (sinned) and weren't pure so God couldn't allow them eternal life. Its MAN'S FAULT. And duh one man didn't write the bible it was writen by many men over thousands of years who believed in and expierianced the love of God. And Jesus WAS and IS real. I pity your ignorance and pray for your salvation. God loves you.I guess sooner or later you will find out if God is real or not!But for now please believe me that he is,was, and will always be.
More info even scientists have to admit that most events in the bible have some fact.( Ramsiese was found to be real and Cleopatra's family tree is in the NIV bible. Something to dwell on if you don't believe in God and believe in the big bang theory tell me what caused that big bang and the universe, or why this was all created from the big bang?

Food for thought: The Bible doesn't give bad advice! Don't kill,lie,cheat,steal,rape,and etc, Unless you like it when people lie to you, you like it if your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you,You like it when people steal from you,or raped you. Do unto others as you wish done to you.

God Bless xoxoxo Niecea
by Niecea Freeman March 04, 2006
God's revelation of Himself, His love for fallen mankind, and His plan of redemption.
I should read the Bible more, so I can learn more about my Jesus, my Savior and Lord.
by Brian March 23, 2005
B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

Bible is the rulebook of life, life is a test, if you break the Bible's rules you will be punished in after-life,
Life is a test, the Bible tells you how to pass.
by Lex Diamond May 28, 2006
A steaming pile of crap.
"Man, ghosts sure are a pile of crap!"

"Yeah! Same goes double for that bible!"
by |x|John|x| August 26, 2005
"The bible, the most widely used form of propaganda and control in the world."

Which is unfortunate, but shouldn't we blame human nature instead? Christ taught us to love one as another and not spread hate.

"The followers of the relegion are blindly following a god that punishes others for not following him...Example, "'hell'."

Why should God reward people who choose not to follow him after He sent his only Begotten Son to pay for everyone else's sin through the worst form of torture ever conceived when He didn't have to? Besides, God doesn't send anyone to hell. You send yourself to Hell.

"Those who know of the crusades a long time ago know that this "god" isnt exactly 'good'."

Don't blame God for the actions of the sinful.

"What god would kill his own people just because they dont want to follow him?"

God didn't kill anyone. People kill people.

"That doesnt sound like a god to me...that sounds like a tyrant and evil abomanation..."

Instead of blaming God who didn't do anything, try blaming Satan's influence on us and sin. Satan and sin is the tyrant and evil abomination.


A temporary happy life will be all pointless when you spend eternal suffering in Hell.
God and His word, the Bible, is not to blame for the wrongs of the world. Satan and sin are.

I pray for all atheists, as no one should go through eternal suffering.
by david smith, jr. May 18, 2008
It was written by men of God. Excuse you. And their is proof that God is real, go to a Christian church during a healing crusade and tell me that God is fake.
People in healing crusades were NOT paid. Go get healed yourself. Then tell me if the bible is fake.
by Ilovejesus1234 March 02, 2008
the Bible was a book from God but after many years it slowly became overwritten and most of it today is false .

there is like 12 difrent versions each one a bit difrent from the other , one has the trinity in it , other doesent ..etc
has over 1000 contradictions.

"I am a wall, and my breasts are like towers. Thus I have become in his eyes like one bringing contentment. (Song of Songs 8:10)"

I just finished reading the bible
by I Qabandi I August 30, 2006

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