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A steaming pile of crap.
"Man, ghosts sure are a pile of crap!"

"Yeah! Same goes double for that bible!"
by |x|John|x| August 26, 2005
It was written by men of God. Excuse you. And their is proof that God is real, go to a Christian church during a healing crusade and tell me that God is fake.
People in healing crusades were NOT paid. Go get healed yourself. Then tell me if the bible is fake.
by Ilovejesus1234 March 02, 2008
the Bible was a book from God but after many years it slowly became overwritten and most of it today is false .

there is like 12 difrent versions each one a bit difrent from the other , one has the trinity in it , other doesent ..etc
has over 1000 contradictions.

"I am a wall, and my breasts are like towers. Thus I have become in his eyes like one bringing contentment. (Song of Songs 8:10)"

I just finished reading the bible
by I Qabandi I August 30, 2006
A religous book used by Christian religions as a guide for living and recieving salvation.
It cannot be proven true, but more evidence supports truth in the bible than falsity. (And dont' start now with your evolution crap. You need more blind faith to believe in evolution than you do for christianity.)
It is often bashed by people who have nothing to believe in, and have nothing better to do with their time. See insecure for a more clear definition of these people.
The bible not only contains religous teaching, but provides advice for simply getting along with other people.
by LoveTaxi September 23, 2006
The book bashed and criticized by cynical athiests and heretics, as well as those who read it being bashed. The ones who read it believe its truth, and worship both God and Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God.
Nevrmore has a lot to learn about the Bible and Christianity, and especially a lot about spelling.
by NKU Student March 29, 2005
The Word of God, the Heavenly Father
Revelation is like the best book in the Bible yannoe? it pwns harry potter cuz it tells joo da future
by God's Servant March 17, 2005
The book sent down to Earth by Allah, and edited by stupid people until it became what it is today! A new edition is released every year, where as the Quran is never edited. Ever. Translations are inaccurate and the people who aren't Arabic and still try to quote it to use islam against muslims are dumb. Just go read last weeks bible until the new one comes out. Not all christians are bad, by the way. Just racist bitches like moody opoet and his whore mother. Bring it Mother Fucker. and where is the proof the Mohammad married a 9 y.o u cocksucker. You must have misread "Joel" for "Mohammed" while you were reading the bible.
The bible is one of the most successful works of fiction ever.
by MoodyPoetsDad September 23, 2006