Is a holy book for christians filled with stories and advices for life.
Guy A "How come there are two different versions of creating the Earth in the Bible.Other one says that man was created last and the other one says man was created first?" Guy B "I don't know.Makes no sense"
by terho May 26, 2006
(NOTE: this entry defines only "small-b" bible, since too many users on this site use definitions of "capital-B" Bible to argue the merits of Christianity vs. atheism.)

1. A book considered authoritive in its field.
2. The canon of any fictional work, such as a motion picture or a series of related novels; the history and "laws of reality" in a given fictional setting.
1. James Fixx's _Running_ is the jogger's bible.
2. By the time _I Dream of Jeannie_ was filmed in color, Sidney Sheldon must have edited the show's bible: older episodes sometimes show Jeannie escaping from her bottle independently, but newer ones imply that she never could.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 04, 2006
the first book published in the entire world, read to people to boost moral and repent their sins. One of the most insipirational books ever. nowadays its used for "bible fights" in the churches
BIBLE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (throws a bible at the priest and causes a bloody nose)
by bob mckob October 15, 2007
This is definitely the greatest book ever written, especially since it is non-fiction. The term "Bible" means something related to "a series of books". That is true, as the Bible is filled with dozens of books, and also chapters within those individual books. The making of the Bible began roughly 3,000 years ago with the various Hebrew (Jews) authors, with the first writings made in about 1450 B.C. They would continue to be added and compiled all the way through the 400 B.C.'s. The making of the Bible and the writings was stopped for a few centuries because the Ancient Greeks conquered and ruled The Middle East, including Jerusalem, at this time.
It would later continue, however, after those few centuries by A.D. 45, which was the beginning of the New Testament (detailing the life, times, and teachings of Jesus Christ). Additional writings would be added all the way up to A.D. 95, then culminating in the Bible's completion with the writing of the Book of Revelation. This great work of non-fiction was written over this course of about 1500 years by forty different Hebrew authors of all backgrounds and occupations. Today, it is the book by which these same billions of Christians (and the Old Testament by the Jews) live by. It is a guide to all Christians. It instructs you on how God wants you to live your life, as the Ten Commandments are also included.
The Bible is now available in several different versions, and is also printed in many various languages, so that all may understand and be more easily able to follow the teachings and the message from the Good Book.
by The Midwestrn Soldier March 23, 2005
a code word for a pipe to smoke out of
Do you have your bible? I got the weed!
by jazmine hower October 05, 2007
This is a key guide to living a sucessful life.

After reading some of y'all's comments, I am disappointed that Jesus TRULY, REALLY DID DIE ON A CROSS BECAUSE OF PEOPLE WHO RATHERED HIM BE KILLED THAN A MURDERER!!

After all, a lady in Subway really did tell me: It is better to believe and no one be there, than to not believe and He be waiting. Where do you think you're going to go when you die? EXACTLY!! Heaven and Hell do exist. Just make the right choice. It's not worth it to pay being miserable and "tormented all day and night" as it says in the Bible, for leading a rebellious life. Just think about eternity.
The Bible states:

...the unbelieving will never inherit the Kingdom of God. Their place will be in the firey lake of burning sulphur.

Romans 21:8
by LaSheenuh June 21, 2006

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