The bible, the most widely used form of propaganda and control in the world. The followers of the relegion are blindly following a god that punishes others for not following him...Example, "hell". Those who know of the crusades a long time ago know that this "god" isnt exactly "good". What god would kill his own people just because they dont want to follow him? That doesnt sound like a god to me...that sounds like a tyrant and evil abomanation...But hell, no one has proved that god exists...and no one has disproved it either...All we can do is wait for the truth to come to us. And if he does exist and sends me to hell, i dont care because I WOULD RATHER LIVE LIFE THE WAY I WANT THAN TO BLINDLY FOLLOW A TYRANT...
God is a method of control, maybe it is not the relegion or the god that is bad, but maybe the people of that relegion.
by penguin penguin August 07, 2005
what atheists hate
wow those atheists sure do hate the bible
by truth speaker February 19, 2005
b- basic
i- instuctions
b- before
l- leaving
e- earth
this is a cool difinition of the bible
by Aaron McCleery May 26, 2006
Christian holy book. highly flammable.
i heard bibles burn red and you can see satan in the smoke...or jesus, whichever's funnier.
by Hextacy October 19, 2006
pronounced: buy-bull.

a bunch of stories put into a book and deemed "holy".

believe it or you burn in hell.
atheist: i don't believe in your silly bible.

child-molesting priest: YOU GO TO HELL. YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIIIEEE.
by ChristineObscene March 01, 2008
a poorly written book that contradicts it self, and is dis-proven by science.
my il-logical teacher tried to get me to read the bible.
by MattBentley May 27, 2007
The most controversial book ever. Some people find truth and happiness, some people hate it, and others kill because of it.
The Bible is what you make it.
by _culture_ November 23, 2006

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