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The best book ever written, a guide for life. Whoever disses it apparently has a beef with the greatest man ever to live, Jesus Christ. This book shows that He loves us and His Love should not be taken so lightly.
Read it, learn it, love it. How else can I describe it? Read the Bible.
by Andrew Bunn February 26, 2008
38 68
The bible is probably the coolest book ever.
And it doesn't suprise me that losers who sit around and masterbate all day are bible bashers.
I have a life so I dont need to masturbate!
I'm not saying that if you read the bible your life would become amazing and everything would be perfect.
And contarary to popular belief, I'm CHRISTIAN and I don't hate homosexuals. My best friend is gay. So if you all wanna sit around and masturbate all day, go ahead. But hahah, me and God will be laughing at you.
Since I <3 God, I actually have a life and I don't sit around all day masturbating.------->
I'm not saying that I sit around all day reading the bible either, because I'm pretty sure God wants me to have fun with my life. But I ALWAYS fit the bible in the best I can.
by vivian00000 August 22, 2007
78 108
B.I.B.L.E-Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. Song by Wu-Tang Clan member GZA
B.I.B.L.E-Liquid Sword-GZA
by k-flow February 27, 2005
129 159
the best book ever,you should read it
read the Bible yo,it'll tell u what 2 do
by Layton July 20, 2005
106 137
the best book ever...everything in it will help you get through the hardest times in life!! its very uplifting and amazing and not just something to smoke out of!!
billy: my grandma just died but i found a perfect passage in the Bible to help me through it

Sue: i found a great story in the Bible the other day that helped me stop worrying
by yupppppp April 28, 2007
48 80
Confirmation of truth or an idea that is accepted as truth.
Can be used in place of statements such as "Word" or "Chuch".
Often used with sarcasm.
"Killing people pleases god."
"That's(It's) in the (Bible)!!!"

"Nachos are delicious."
"Bible, dude, Bible."
by Solomon Berger April 07, 2008
13 46
A book that a MAN ( Bold and underlined) to explain his existence on earth. If only he would have known what we know now about evolution, that stupid book never would have been written to begin with.
What kind of moron believes in the Bible?
by Mike Gliko February 21, 2005
105 138