A bunch of anciant writings rolled into one convienant book orginating primarily from what is modern day Israel. Something that should not be taken literally to the word and some intolerant people attack it. Created by man so its fallible (note to uber christians God did not fax the bible to Moses).
Jesus Freak: The world is only 6 thousand years old! The bible says so...i think?
Intolerant Atheist: Wheres the proof the proof i say! Burn that bible you crazy buffoon!
Me: Dude both of you need to chill out. The world isn't 6 thousand years old and science is a religion if you think about because they say life suddenly sprung forth so that takes faith since they haven't been able to replicate that.
by P. Kaltenbach March 16, 2007
according to sir mixalot in the edited version of 'baby got back' it means butt. it can be pretty funny in religion class - 'oh wow mrs kennedy sure has a big bible'
oh my GOSH becy look at her BIBLE....
by poptart September 04, 2005
telling the truth, swear on the bible.
i dont believe you, bible your telling the truth.
by kourtney k November 04, 2010
Another word for definitely or for sure.
Bible, he is sleeping with your bestfriend.

That shirt looks horible, bible.
by acloverrr August 25, 2009
1a: The holy book of the Christian religion.
1b: The sacred book of Judaism.

2: A very inspiring book in any particular field.
1: While "The Bible" is often used to refer solely to the Holy Book of the Christian religion, the world actually has several meanings. In fact a more accurate description could be to describe the Christian Bible as "A bible" or "The Christian Bible" rather than just "The Bible".

2: "Tennis For Dummies is my Personal Tennis Bible!"
by Save May 25, 2005
The best book in the history of mankind
shows us what God wants and how to live your life.
still holds true to this day and shows how He(The Lord) looks out for us and how to get to Heaven (not through good works but believing)
Jesus Christ my savior is the Lamb of God as it says in The Bible
by Believeitandweep December 28, 2007
The most important book ever written, despite what the loser atheists waste their time saying.
Person with a life: The Bible is a good reference when you need help.

Loser who should go move to a planet with other losers: "The Lord of the Rings" was a better book than the Bible.
by Yaaaaaawn November 05, 2006

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