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A very religous person. This goes into more detail as most people dont have problems with religous people. Bible heads are said to be annoying. A bible head is someone who will bring their beleifs into anything and everything they do.

A person who fits into the Bible Head CAtegory tends to think about what their religion says, before what comon sense says. They will let their beliefs control how they think, and will often look down on people who arent religous, or who are said to be bad by the religion. As such is some Christians think gays and lesbians are bad.

More often than not they become Bible Thumpers.
That Bible Head on the school counsil is trying to get the Ten Commandments.
by Blake Howard April 30, 2005
People that have been brain washed by a powerful force since childhood. They are so brain washed that many spend every minute of their lives studying the bible and their life is dictated and controled by some book and not by their own instincts or being, if it wasn't for their bible they'll be criminals and/or dead. They base every second of their life in religious affairs, and many talk about their religion (those christians)as if it were the ultimate righteousness.They love to make people that have no religious interest or affiliations feel angry because they like to push people into their religion as if it were the most "truthfull and accurate" religion there is.
"flanders, go suck a bible!"(quote by homer j. simpsom, end quote.)
Bible head, bible head
by 123-456 October 23, 2005
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