Another word for bitch.
God! Polina's been acting like such a bibi whenever shes around nick.
by ButtonBitch May 10, 2009
-A guy who drink too much
-A canadian Jackass
-A Party Boy
-A jerk
-A loud Belcher
bibi, stop drinking, you act like a jerk
by GoDLeSs March 30, 2003
you fool! it means 'marble marble' in FRENCH.
bb, bille bille, bibi. marbles!
by who knows? March 13, 2004
simply means bye bye... no ands, ifs or BUTTS about it!


your only half gay?
bibi baibi

by Alli P. January 27, 2004
A loud-mouthed, dirty, cow that would rather have inbred grandchildren then allow her child to marry outside of their race/religion/culture.
that bibi tried to eat my child because he is half-white.
by tumadresabeminombre April 14, 2009
A person who rigorously attends church and will miss out on social events because of this. Not only are they losers but are doomed to live a life devoid of alcohol and sex.
Colleen, that fucking bibi, can't come to baseball because she has to go to her pastors house and pray.

You fucking bibi, ditch church and come drinking.
by Krista August 27, 2004
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