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A bitch who you want to stay away from. Capable of inducing extreme pain both physically and mentally
She's a real biatch
by periferral April 19, 2003
5 18
"bitch" - 1)a female dog
2) slang used to slander
"yo biatch step up off mah grill piece"
by -B|anK- July 13, 2002
4 17
1. A substitute for the word bitch.

2. A non-harsh way of calling someone a bitch.

3. An slightly affectionate way of making someone do something for you.

4. Someone who isn't a female but still does things for you no matter what it is nor what the consequences of doing it are.
1. Morgan is such a biatch!

2. Dude, you are a biatch...

3. Get me my milk! Biatch!!!

4. I made Jimmy my biatch... He gets me what I want, when I want it...
by Stiffler935 May 26, 2009
1 15
1) A word with many uses.

2)THE best word in the worldwide dictionary.

Uses of biatch:
-Biatching it large- having a good time.
-To be somebody's biatch- the same as being someones bitch except with a more trendy sound.
-You biatch- calling someone cool, if said in a laid back tone of voice.
-You BIATCH!- calling someone a bitch if, said in an angry tone of voice.

by MAmSHaZzLe August 01, 2006
12 26
A disagreable person.
I hate that mother fucking biatch
by Rebection August 09, 2004
7 21
another word for bitch but in a nicer way to say it.
dang that girl is a biatch.!
by amanda March 04, 2004
23 37
A term used by black people refering to their girlfriend,protitute or just some random ho.
1.Look at that ugly Biatch
2.Whadupp Biatch
by Tom Davis December 05, 2003
9 23