An annoying biznatch. Someone you'd love to punch in the throat and or pee on.
"el mayate que se robo mi carro es un biatch!"
by YaDiRa September 09, 2003
Be-a~-tsh! should be the correct prenouncation...

Greetings from Germany... original wigger "Bapao" sele~-k-tah~!!!.... the problem is?
by Anonymous September 02, 2003
One who is highly disliked by ghetto g's of the neighborhood.

See: Yo mama
Get yo ass out the street biatch!
by Point Blank July 04, 2003
Doesn't need a definiton. Biatch could be anything.
Person A: Yo wassup, biatch.
by Smichal January 11, 2006
Incorect spelling of bitch. Often said by sad chavs in reference to thier burberry covered girlfriends
Am going to see ma biatch
by Andreas_90 August 03, 2005
It's the definition for your ex-girlfriend, cause Bitch is too simple to express your attitude.
Did you call me BIATCH, you....BIATCH?
by Erich "Da Sting" May 11, 2005
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