What a neo-conservative republican usually thinks and says about the mainstream US Media when he/she watches too much FOX News.
FOX News is the only fair & balanced news channel, the rest are all just biased left wing media!
by mailer_diablo November 06, 2004
Top Definition
An annoying little imp that runs around with a steaming hot cow brand hunting for people that disagree with them. They tastelessly use the words "racist", "sexist" and "biased" to shame and silence anyone who disagrees with them. It's also very convenient for them to ride you off a racist or a discriminator, because then they don't have to actually discuss the issues with you.
Catholic priest states that he doesn't believe gay marriage is truly marriage, but still has nothing against gays.

Biased left wing media runs in screaming bloody murder and brands him in the ass. Now Father Richard will forever be known as a biased, discrimatory racist demon.
by Right winger from the Bronx March 27, 2009
A biased left wing media does not exist in the United States. The only thing that exist in the United States as far as media are concerned are biased right wing media, where FOX News is among the most extreme biased. CNN,CBS etc. should also be considered to be right wing biased.

Some public channels in Europe can to a certain extent be considered to be biased left wing media. However they are not even close to as biased as the American media are.
Wov, you honestly think Iraq had anything to do with the attacks in New York 2001. Man you must stop watching all this right wing biased media.biased left wing media

You really think the United States gives a lot of foreign aid? Who told you that, that is so not true, stop watching right wing biased media. Better of watching the biased left wing mediasince it's not as extreme (although it does not exist in the United States)
by Hejdaniel October 10, 2006
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