A machine that constantly farts, usually when powered by food - pasta generally. It makes no other sound other than the parping of the farts! If you're lucky it will occasionally poo, but will take its time to make sure it is fully flushed!
She's a proper bianca! Farting around the place like she owns it!
by Iamthefox007 November 15, 2013
The name means 'White' in Italian.
A 'Bianca' is normally tanned with dark hair and long extensions. Bianca's a normally random and laugh at the stupidest of things. They normally tend to fall in love with the guys they can't get and stalk them for quite a long time. Bianca's tend to excrete waste when under pressure or severely frightened. They normally embarrass themselves publicly doing this. They are very kindhearted and loving people. however Alcohol is the only thing that gets them going especially since they tend to embarrass themselves 24/7.
'' Bianca, What's dripping from your jeans?''
Bianca : '' SHIT , I shat again..''
by Angie99xxxo April 14, 2011
the biggest whore to ever exist. she has sex with anyone and everyone. boyfriend stealer. whore whore whore.
That girl is such a Bianca!
by kongerongi October 22, 2011
Bianca is tech nine lingo for bitch

as stated in Tech Nines Song Biancas And Beatrices

"I called her bianca
then she said what is that bianca shit
I looked and cracked a smile
and said bianca means you bitch"
That bianca is fine
by Jesta King 1011 February 24, 2009
To reveal breasts in the hope of obtaining Cigarettes and/or Alcohol underage
Friend 1: don't worry just Bianca that fool, he will sell you some fags.
Friend 2: but when i Bianca'd him last time i got rejected

shopkeep 1: i just got straight up Bianca'd, but those boobs were immaculate.

shopkeep 2: i wish i would get Bianca's :(

Shopkeep 1: shut up jerry and clear the stockroom, hurry i need a shit.
by Chubbyjake December 15, 2009
A member of the tripod. Curly haired, with slightly rectangular hips. Romanian and pretty. Very sarcastic and sensitive. Best friends with hannahs and mauras.
Bianca took that soo hard. I mean we just made her cry bay calling her a bitch. It's not that big a deal.
by mo-of-the-tripod June 13, 2005
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