A girl who is extremely nice an is obsessed with bands
by johnnycakexx2 January 11, 2016
paste emotional monologue
I win. Fuck your instagram post!
When Bianca claimed I would never be romantic enough to do something like this, I went and did it.
by StephenIsBoring November 14, 2013
Nickname for the waste bin in work. We drew eyes on her and a smile. Ps Craig comes into work early to do her before start of work...she is a bit of a minx though!
Craig and Danny have fights who gets to fill Bianca up each day. She easily could handle both though. Thing is though Bianca wants to be with David
by AGnumbnuts November 15, 2011
Beautiful adolescent with blonde hair and green eyes. She is very fit. Bianca has small-ish boobs and a big butt, which the guys go crazy over. She likes to have a good time. She is usually the life of the party, and always gets attention. She wishes guys would pay more attention to her personality than they do to her butt. She never knows when a guy is after a relationship with her, or her asset. She has never been in a relationship that lasted less than three months. She has to really know a guy before she dates them. She enjoys blogging, her pets and fashion.
Guy 1: Hey, do you see the butt on her?
Guy 2: Yeah, she's fiiine!
Guy 3: Yeah dawg, I heard about girls like that. She's gotta be a Bianca.
by little ol' me. August 17, 2011
A horse faced female with oversized gums and a skanky hold-on-forever demeanor. This girl will eat your soul and probably your beloved pet. with her giant teeth.
Your girlfriend is such a bianca
fuck really?
by MA-tilly-tilda March 14, 2015
gorgeous girl with huge boobs and blonde hair. She is always the life of the party and everyone wants to be around her. Everyone wants to be around Bianca. Several people attempt to get in her pants, because she is so stunning.
"Yo did you see Bianca at the house party last weekend? She was looking damn fine and the entire swim team was all over her!"
by Danny12345 July 12, 2009
A machine that constantly farts, usually when powered by food - pasta generally. It makes no other sound other than the parping of the farts! If you're lucky it will occasionally poo, but will take its time to make sure it is fully flushed!
She's a proper bianca! Farting around the place like she owns it!
by Iamthefox007 November 15, 2013

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