A true bitch, very random. Loves to scream and run and yell and is very outgoing when around friends. When she's alone she's usually very shy but dont underestimate her. She's a sexy beast who you can only find in some kind of dream. If you ever meet a bianca dont let her go because she is truelly an amazing person. She is very sweet and shes the best girlfriend a guy could ever hope for. Shes not prejudice or judgmental towards you no matter what. She gets along with everyone and being bi or gay does not matter to her you are still a person. She is very funny and never has a dull moment. She is very intelligent and has a high vocabulary. She has a very fragile heart but she still has a bite. Shes super crazy and will do almost anything if your willing to back her up. Her friends play a huge role in her life but she isnt desperate in anyway and can cope on her own she is popular as well as independent
Guy 1: Dudee that girls smokinn' Whats her name?
Guy 2: Woaah thats Bianca alonso!:O

Bianca: AHHH! Turtles..:D

Me: Hehehehehehe

Guy 1: Wow shes flipping beautiful and nice and careing i wunna maker her mine
Bianca: Awww!<3 Potatos<3 Your so sweeet:D.
by BadAss&Seductiion October 01, 2011
A name for a girl who is magnificent. She is intelligent, fun, daring and most importantly caring for those who surround her. usually are italian with dark curly hair and big boobs! has a dark mysterious sense to her and are great friends with people whose names start with a M or S, Known for her politeness and dreamy-ness. Lovers with names that start with C or W. Brightens the room... and breaks hearts.... usually breaks up with people for no reason. Are boy-crazy will fall for anyone but knows the one she wants. And once she gets him (which isnt hard for her) she will want him a for herself
Guy 1: "dude who is that girl?"

Guy 2: "Thats Bianca!"
Guy 1: "ugh she is dreamy"
Guy 2: "I wish I could have some of Bianca"
by Stevelovesbianca December 12, 2013
Bianca is a true sweetie from the core of her spine to the nice skin complexion of her face. She is an outgoing girl and you can trust her with anything! Bianca's are hilarious and say the funniest things. She can also be known as Betty!! She will usually have a fantastic head of hair and all in all she is amazing!
Guy 1-Whoa!! No this can't be right.. That girl looked like a Bianca.

Guy 2-Dude, she was a Bianca! Dayum she's fine!
by fatherbrijonathon July 04, 2012
A Bianca typically has a perfect hourglass body - Looks like sex in anything she wears.
Posesses most beautiful personality; is loyal, friendly, funny and etcetera.

Some males overlook her loveliness, as she refuses to be a slutty whore.
*Bianca walks past*
Guy: I think I just jizzed in my pants.

Girl 1: Omgsh Bianca is SO pretty..
Girl 2: I reckon; and she's always so friendly!!
Girl 1: *sigh* I would turn lesbian for her.
by vamosbiatch January 24, 2010
Usually a cute, sweet and perky Italian girl. She has killer eyes and hands like a midget. But she always smells awesome. Men fight over her.
Guy 1: I met with Bianca the other day.
Guy 2: Did you get some?
Guy 1: Nah, she is so too sweet, I didn't want to ruin our friendship
Guy 2: You're a mornon, I'll take her!
by LoveFierce February 27, 2014
paste emotional monologue
I win. Fuck your instagram post!
When Bianca claimed I would never be romantic enough to do something like this, I went and did it.
by StephenIsBoring November 14, 2013
Nickname for the waste bin in work. We drew eyes on her and a smile. Ps Craig comes into work early to do her before start of work...she is a bit of a minx though!
Craig and Danny have fights who gets to fill Bianca up each day. She easily could handle both though. Thing is though Bianca wants to be with David
by AGnumbnuts November 15, 2011

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