An Italian girl's name derived from the word 'bianco' meaning 'white', but is thought to originate from a Latin nickname meaning 'blondie' or 'fair'.
'What's that girl's name?'
'Oh, is she Italian?'
by BobbityBoo May 09, 2009
The most beautiful and nice girl there is.

Her name comes from the word 'bianco' in Italian.

Biancas are normally small, black haired and brown eyed girls who love to chat and be your friend.

Biancas are very rare I know one myself.

Be warned Biancas are Italian and can be very romantic.
Boy 1: My girlfriend she is such a Bianca.
Boy 2: Can she be my girl??
Boy 3: No find your own Bianca.
Boy 4: You are just so lucky m8.
by michaell96 July 03, 2011
Bianca's are always out-going and friendly. Known to have huge boobs and an amazing body, with tanned skin. Bianca's are usually thought to be big party-animals, but also have a bookish side not many know about. Bianca's are always welcoming to newcomers, and never forget their manners when with guests. Their absolutely sexy and most guys dream woman. If you ever have the chance to meet a Bianca, make the most of it because they don't come around very often. Best friend's with Mary's and Emma's.
Boy 1. Dude! Check out that chick!
Boy 2. Obviously another Bianca.
Boy 1. *sigh* Wish we had a Bianca.
by Guessss. January 15, 2012
An alcoholic beverage containing white wine and a splash of Canada dry ginger ale.
Bartender one Bianca please.
by Lonster February 28, 2009
Bianca is a beautiful ,caring girl with a HUGE heart she has many haters because she's so gorgeous compared to alot of female ,she has classs & respect . Bianca also see's the REAL world not a fairytale . she'll tell everyone straight up how it is even if its not the nicest thing!
Bianca has all her real friends back , she's beyond loveable. she cares about everyone even the ones she dislikes .
by someone that knows BIANCA! December 30, 2011
A name for a girl who is magnificent. She is intelligent, fun, daring and most importantly caring for those who surround her. usually are italian with dark curly hair and big boobs! has a dark mysterious sense to her and are great friends with people whose names start with a M or S, Known for her politeness and dreamy-ness. Lovers with names that start with C or W. Brightens the room... and breaks hearts.... usually breaks up with people for no reason. Are boy-crazy will fall for anyone but knows the one she wants. And once she gets him (which isnt hard for her) she will want him a for herself
Guy 1: "dude who is that girl?"

Guy 2: "Thats Bianca!"
Guy 1: "ugh she is dreamy"
Guy 2: "I wish I could have some of Bianca"
by Stevelovesbianca December 12, 2013

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