Beautiful adolescent with blonde hair and green eyes. She is very fit. Bianca has small-ish boobs and a big butt, which the guys go crazy over. She likes to have a good time. She is usually the life of the party, and always gets attention. She wishes guys would pay more attention to her personality than they do to her butt. She never knows when a guy is after a relationship with her, or her asset. She has never been in a relationship that lasted less than three months. She has to really know a guy before she dates them. She enjoys blogging, her pets and fashion.
Guy 1: Hey, do you see the butt on her?
Guy 2: Yeah, she's fiiine!
Guy 3: Yeah dawg, I heard about girls like that. She's gotta be a Bianca.
by little ol' me. August 17, 2011
Top Definition
Bianca is an italian name meaning fair and white
Bianca's are usually european and gorgeous with big boobs and sexy bodies.
guy 1: wow, look at that girll, shes finee.
guy 2: her name is bianca. she is god's gift to the world :)
by Sexualhealing November 03, 2006
1. Indescribably beautiful.

2. The nicest, most caring, and sweetest girl in the world.

3. The best girlfriend anybody could ever ask for.
1. That girl wishes she could look like Bianca.

2. I can't believe you donated all your money to charity! Thats something Bianca would do

3. Everybody wishes that they could have a Bianca.
by deej ;) August 13, 2008
Most beautiful girl in room , long hair and dark eyes.
tanned skin, no one can take there eyes off of her.
get asked out a lot but usually turns them down , a Bianca is someone who is beautiful and doesn't rush in to things, she waits for the right guy to come around.
friend 1 : Will you go out with me ?
Bianca : um, no sorry, i dont have feelings for you

bystander : wow, she is Such i Bianca, i wish i was like like that, i want to be herrr
# 2 bystander : MANN her hair is so luscious, i wish i was that pretty !
by Lusicous123 November 14, 2008
Cute, funny nice and loving. She'll always be there for you.
Guy 1:Dude, this chick is so cool and nice, she's such a bianca!

Guy2:I know i want to date her!
by lollygagger942 April 24, 2009
a VERY beautiful, immaculate, warm hearted, friendly, pure, breathtaking, one of a kind,priceleess,unreplacble, an angellike girl that is smart funny sweet pure outgoing friendly just everythin you would ever want from a girl.whom is beautiful in evry way inside and out.i love you mami.
bianca is everything ive ever wanted.
by alan solano April 29, 2010
Bianca is the word for the most amazing girl on the face of the earth. She's smart, funny, absolutely wonderful in every way, and beautiful, too! Whoever ends up wit this girl better cherish every moment because there will never be another one like her. She's a great roleplayer, fabulous in bed, and the best web designer on the face of this earth. She is wonderful and awesome and completely sexy. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love her with all my heart.
I'm so going to marry Bianca.
by inlovewithherforever June 26, 2011
A girl that I never wanna let go of because I got to feel her warmth. She gives me her all and always has my back. She makes everyone smile with her presence. Her smile is brighter than the sun. A gril that makes my heart melt with just one touch. She is Intelligent, Beautiful, and Independent. She is my life. Everytime I'm with her its an amazing time. She means the world to me and I want everyone to know that. She made me better :).
Pay-Dro: "all you gotta do is wake up and I'll take it from their"
Bianca: "You are such a cheeseball and I love you for that"
Pay-Dro: "I love you 2"
by Pay-Drizzy July 12, 2011
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