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bi-shizzo = bike
bi-shizzle =bicycle
commonly used as a "ghetto street" slang word for bicycle, rarely used, but often emphasized, this word may not be used to describe pussy bikes, such as "roadies", "XCers", "BMXers", and or normal moutain bikes exluding all but serious freeride bikes and bikes manufactured for and sold at all Canadian TIre outlets (also see sicle, sicling, and siclist") originated in Ontario by a one "Yomar" when describing his dope ass ride.
"dude, thats a "phat" bi-shizzo"

"man!, is that a CT ride? "dope" bi-shizzle"

"norco 250 - "illest" sicle and "sicest" bi-shizzo"
by Chris G. January 23, 2004

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