1. A term for homosexuals who are too afraid to admit they are actually gay. Generally used by younger gays who are afraid of admitting to others that they are gay, and feel that it would be more socially acceptable to be "bi".

2. A young girl who feels like she doesn't get enough attention as it is, and feels like more guys will like her if she kisses other girls.
GirlA: "You know that Cindy, she's such a slut!"
GirlB: "No, she's not a slut. She's just bi. It's totally cool."
by Gaykid April 11, 2011
The plural form of bus; opposed to busses
There were 20 bi in the parking lot today.
by Domin June 01, 2005
n. (bee-I)Derived from "bitch". Can be used as a term of endearment when used as a greeting to your homeslice, or in a derrogatory manner when it is used to address your boo when she is being a biggity bitch.
Yo, sup b.i.


Hey yo b.i., did you steal my food stamps?!
by j to the mo January 18, 2006
A word for someone in theatre who is not only involved in acting but is also a techie/crew. Generally switches back and forth depending on the show.
What's he doing in this show, I saw him backstage for the last one, he must be bi.
by Brian August 08, 2005
used as an alternative to 'by' when typing. Don't know why, don't wanna know why.
Bi the way, she was going to reach home bi 5 am.
by choc0faerie March 14, 2004
Means the same as bau , just another version of the word.
See bau
by hockis June 06, 2004
famous krn singer who is liked by gay fashion designer Armani and also known as another famous krn singer, SE7EN's rival
i saw Bi at the stage taking off his bra
by britney britney March 07, 2005
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