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acronym for Blushing Harder Than Intoxicated Asians.

Used to compare someone's blushing from embarrassment to the flush Asians experience while drinking due to their low tolerance of alcohol.
Eva: Dude, I heard you just licked a pile of ice off the ground.. in public?
Emily: bhtia.. the dog licking it before me looked clean, I was thirsty and I got $5.50 for doing it. Get off my d

Shaneqwa: qurl, i saw you the other day makin out wit a scrawny ass white boi... he your boo?
Latesha: bhtia... no he's my little bro's friend. Don't tell..
Shanequa: embarrased for you but heyyyyy qet sprung!
by evalakerfan May 14, 2011