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Word Origin ~ The Woman
Part of Speech ~ verb

Next time you see someone that needs a little excitement, walk up behind them and make a dry-humping motion near, but not touching, their romp... During this act scream out the word "Bhino!!!!!!!"
This is soon to overtake the hug and kiss as a public sign of affection.
Spang Man ~ Hey guys, come after school and I'll give you a treat...
Gerald ~ Hey man, that's not right, someone a little depressed?
Spang Man ~ I'll buy that...
Gerald ~ What are you talking about?
Spang Man ~ (While using drastic hand motions to accompany his words) it's an uphill battle guys, and I'm not sure you guys are on th-th-t-tt-t the r-right track.
Gerald ~ Stop stuttering, your ignorant!
(The class remains silent as George sneaks in behind Spang Man...)
George ~ Bhino!!!!!
Spang Man ~ OHhhhH!
Gerald ~ Bitch...
George ~ It's what's for dinner...
by Sweet Spirit May 15, 2007
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