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the gangsta pimp dat u all needa hide ur ho's from.
wotch out ho's bhavik'll sweep u off u feet n u wont no wot hit cha
by kalpin September 10, 2006
90 33
The highest level of coolness normally accompanied by a bevy of gorgeous and beautiful women.
The Bhavik name can only be given to those knighted by Her Majesty and is the highest level of achievement a man can receive. Usually reserved for the elite forms of the male species.
eg 1) To be or not to be, that is the question ONLY which a Bhavik can answer.

eg 2) "Father", the young one asked, "when I grow up I want to be a Bhavik!"
Father replied proudly, "I wish you do, we all need a hero right about now to save us all."

eg 4) "How on Earth did you did that - THIS IS MADNESS", shouted the messenger curiously. The all-mighty shouted back with confidence, "No my dear friend, T-H-I-S IS BHAAAAVIK!!!!".

182 53
Indian word meaning pedofile, or person that stalks children.
'Man that guy's a creepy bhavik, preying on those innocent kids...'
by jesus likes cheese September 11, 2011
31 46
Bhavik (n) A compulsive liar with no regard for common sense or logic. Lies about possession of extravagant objects, social life, and simple anecdotes. Has been known to continue lying despite direct evidence of the truth.
Bhavik: "I met Paris Hilton and I have the picture to prove it."
Reporter: "You aren't in this picture of Paris."
Bhavik: "I took the picture."

Bhavik: "I have a Pontiac Grand Prix. It is great."
Reporter: "No you don't."
Bhavik: "Yeah, I do."
Reporter: "Then where is it?"
Bhavik: "Yeah I do."
Reporter: "Then why are you driving a Civic right now?"
Bhavik: "It's a Grand Prix."
by bmani January 28, 2008
64 103